Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

We are all back from a great long vacation. So time to make Stuff even greater than it already is for your personal invitation.

Here is what we have squeezed into our latest release this afternoon:

  • Better and cleaner signup flow.
  • Much easier to manage your invitation.
  • Better UI on RSVPs – for your guests’ pleasure.
  • Multiple AM/PM tweaks.
  • Better implementation of our TOC/Privacy Policy acceptance through Legal Monster.
  • Multiple tweaks to UI/UX.
  • A few bug fixes.

Better support for our German and US friends.

In addition to the continuous fixes and minor tweaks, we have added two major features for better local support:

Time Format: AM / PM

AM / PM is now the standard time format for people using Stuff in the US.

Everyone using Stuff on a desktop computer can switch between 24H and AM/PM time format when creating an invitation with the following short-cut:

New Language: German

Germany has from the beginning been great fans of Stuff – because we are taking privacy and transparency serious.

So we have now translated Stuff into German, to better support our dear friends, users and customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland….. And Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and and and…

Check it out on: https://stuff.li/de

New Features: Add to calendar + Comments

We have added two popular features to Stuff over the past days.

Add to calendar:

On all public events it is now possible to add the event to your calendar in a single click. You can add to the following calendars:

  • Your personal Stuff calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar

Read more about the “Add to calendar” feature.

Comment on private invitations

By popular request you can now comment on private invitations.

  • Guests and Host can comment.
  • No login or profile is required.
  • Comments are available after your RSVP

You can check out comments on our 1st Birthday Party invitation.

Stuff on Hacker News

The best feedback for us is feedback from real people.
People having an opinion about Stuff and sending invitations in general. We met a bunch of these people last night.

Yesterday Stuff was posted to Hacker News.
Fortunately also making it to the front page.
Spawning nothing less than 185 upvotes and 91 comments.
Giving us a bunch of great feedback on how we can approve Stuff, to make it an even better platform for sending private and public invitations.

Discussion on Hacker News about Stuff

A post on why we are all reading support emails

Our Co-Founder Simon Schultz has put together a post on why we are alle reading support emails at Stuff.

There is no doubt that we all need to better understand our customers to create the best platform for public and private invitations.

We believe that emails are the best way to get better insights for the following reasons:

  • News you can use
  • A great conversation starter
  • You probably don’t have enough data
  • A nuanced overview of your business
  • Support emails are loaded with emotions
  • Increased Responsibility

Read the full piece on Medium:

Why everyone should read support emails

Photo Credit: Rawpixel @ Unsplash

Brand new wrapping for better invitations

Based on the feedback we have gotten over the past weeks we have grouped in the Stuff HQ bunker and worked on a brand new design and UI for https://stuff.li.

That new design has been launched today 🙂

I believe we have succeeded. Now making it even easier to manage your invitations to private and public events across different platforms. You should consider us next time you are sending out invitations to your private or public event. Your guests will thank you 🙂

We would love to get your feedback to our new design. Just drop us an email on hello@stuff.li.

Stuff – Building a Proper Alternative

Since mid-2017 I have spent most of my time in my allotment garden – growing vegetables, playing chess and learning to play the piano.

 But I have also spent time thinking about my next venture. Something that would make sense, and that could be bootstrapped and built with good friends.

So I’ve built Stuff…

Together with the best technology and creative leads I could imagine – my mighty fine friends Mads Jakob Poulsen and Thomas Kenne – we have spent the past couple of months bringing Stuff to life.

Stuff is a platform for your digital invitations, public and private.

 It’s a simple browser and email interface that keeps you on top of what public events you could attend – and it keeps you updated on the private events which shouldn’t be missed. It’s great for both guests and organizers. Period.

We are not saving the world or hitting any of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. But we will be doing our utmost to create a better alternative to eg. Facebook. As the past 12 months have shown, platforms like Facebook need to be broken up in smaller pieces so we can get both privacy and transparency back.

We will take part in that transformation via Stuff. We are just digital invitations. We collect only necessary data, and we’re platform agnostic, meaning Stuff works with whatever calendar tool you are already using.

You can give Stuff an early whirl on https://stuff.li 

We initially focus on New York and Copenhagen for public events, while everyone can use the platform for private invitations. Hopefully we will be crossing paths with numerous people and new competitors, who also believe that there is space for New Kids on The Block. 

I’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks and months. It will be awesome.

Please give it a whirl on https://stuff.li. Or follow us on Twitter.

Please feel free to drop me an email or comment. Your feedback is more than appreciated.

Simon – simon@stuff.li