Stuff Development Log

A decent overview of what has been changed on technology and product.
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August 14th 2019

  • Better and cleaner signup flow.
  • Much easier to manage your invitation.
  • Better UI on RSVPs – for your guests’ pleasure.
  • Multiple AM/PM tweaks.
  • Better implementation of our TOC/Privacy Policy acceptance through Legal Monster.
  • Multiple tweaks to UI/UX.
  • A few bug fixes.

July 24th 2019

  • Misc fixes

June 11th 2019

March 27th 2019

  • Comments on private invitations.
  • Add favourite public events to your calendar.
  • Improved RSVP flow for guests.
  • Improved image scaling.
  • Misc UX improvements.

March 15th 2019

  • HOURS validation. Accepting almost anything, which looks like a real timetamp.

March 13th 2019

  • Fall-back options on Legal Monster implementation when creating login.

March 6th

  • Improvements to reset password
  • Fixed js errors.

February 27th 2019

January 29th 2019

  • Loads of improvements to all emails (content/copy/design).

January 16th 2019

  • Shorter urls on 1-to-many invitations
  • Misc improved error handling
  • Fixed user flow when creating and using normal login
  • Better handling of “my profile” access withou login
  • Calendar RSVP re-enabled
  • Increased priority on reminder emails

January 4th 2019

  • Adding option to send reminders to invited guests when managing your invitation.
  • Fixed local timestamps

December 21st 2018

  • New frontpage. No longer a grid event overview, but a service overview.
  • Improved flow from creating invitation to profile activation.

December 15th 2018

  • Improved bounce handling of emails, supporting MX lookup.
  • Automacivally adding private invitation to personal calendar feed.

December 13th 2018

  • Moving from internal testing to public/open access.
  • All basic functionality in place.

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